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Chances are, just like us, you’ve noticed the dog days of summer have arrived on the district. The heat and humidity become a little more unbearable, the rain brings little relief, and the last thing you want to do is dress for work.

That said - if you’re going to have to dress for work, it makes sense to do it in the fabrics of the summer in DCity: Linen, Tropical Wool, High-Twist Frescos, and even Mohair. Utilizing these beautiful natural fiber cloths can take that formerly unbearable work commute and turn it into a breeze (literally). We’re celebrating this cure for the dog days with 15% off all sourced summer jacketing. That’s 15% off our seasonal made-to-measure, full-canvas sport coats. We’ll kick things off today, July 10th, and continue our dog days sale through Monday, July 17th.

*Sourced Fabrics: Fabrics from mills beyond our in-stock program.

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