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Don't sweat it, we're having an event this weekend. And it's bound to be a total shirt show. 

Our good friends at Individualized Shirts are dropping by the shop for the first (of two) shirt shows of the 2017 season, and they're bringing some pretty great discounts (and spring/summer fabric offerings) with them.
Did we mention Saturday is Derby Day? Our good buddies over at Element Shrub have agreed to come by Saturday and mix up some Mint Juleps for those of you feeling decadent and depraved.
May 5 - May 7, 2017, Shirt Show Package Discounts:

Buy 2, Take 10%

Buy 4, Take 15%

Buy 6, Take 20% (read: Buy 5 Get 1 on us)

That goes for dress shirts, sport shirts, and of course their fun laid back cousin -- the popover. Short sleeve custom available upon request.
Come check out exclusive fabric offerings for the spring season from Thomas Mason, Alibini, Cancilini, and more. 
We've included our early house favorites for the season below, an easy breezy selection of linen and lightweight cotton in a variety of stripes, checks, solids, across the color spectrum.
We look forward to seeing you.

RSVP to support@readwall, or schedule an appointment for 100% American-made custom shirts blow.