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A note from Read: 

Since I started this company, we have always been proud to work with some of the best factories, manufactures, and artisans in this country. Quality is something we take very seriously and it exists in small pockets here in the U.S.A. While trends show these skills are waning still, the pride we take in our work has never wavered.

Walking through these factories is inspiring, like a window into the way things used to be done; to anyone that says ‘they don’t make ‘em like they used to’, I’ll show them through any number of tailoring houses in Brooklyn, with old wood floors and artisans sewing by hand. But the downside to working with a factory is a lack of control over the process and certain details in the product. For as rewarding as working with these factories can be, it can be just as frustrating at times.

So, on to our big announcement: in June, we signed the lease for our very own workshop in Northwest DC. And now, in August, we are producing all of our tailored clothing in-house, by hand: that includes hand-set collars, sleeves, and hand padded lapels. The control over our product is complete, our turn times will eventually be quicker than ever, and the quality of our garments is as good as it gets. And our prices will stay the same as you have come to expect. Our entry level suits start at $1395 and I can safely say that you will not find a better suit in this city, or in this country for that matter, for less.

Every suit, sport coat, and pair of trousers is cut by hand by our master tailor, with every detail considered to make you the highest quality product. I promise you will notice the difference in your next commission — there is nothing quite like a hand made suit, and we are proud to offer it to you.