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Wedding season has certainly arrived. As the invites start to roll in (or out - congratulations, by the way) the question of what to wear rears its stressful head. Fortunately, we love this time of year, almost as much as we love beautiful clothes. Let us take care of the easy stuff, so you can worry about everything else. 


From the tux/suit for the big day, to the full kit for your groomsmen, to the sport coat/trouser combo for your buddy's wedding - we can do it all. Count on us for an experienced and enthusiastic voice in this conversation. 


Worth noting: We offer special pricing for grooms parties. For your group, we'll close the shop, take the measurements, and pour the drinks. We can also do the leg work to make sure your out-of-town buddies get a great fitting suit as well. 


And, if we may, custom shirts and ties make great groomsmen gifts. 


Need more info? Check out our Weddings section in the drop down menu. 


Interested? Drop us a line with your thoughts at or make an appointment at the shop for a consultation here.