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Want to pick up a suit, trousers, or separates at an INCREDIBLE value? Is your fit between a 36R-48R? Is navy your favorite color? Well then you are gonna feel great about the READ WALL sample sale. 


The team here at the shop found some leftover gear, and we thought what better way to share that with our clientele then some sweet, sweet, deals. Great value, even better quality. It's a win-win. 

October 6-8, 2016 || The Lineup :


110's Navy Italian Worsted Wool

Off the rack Suits from 650. 

Off the rack Sport Coats from 450. 


Cotton & Linen Trousers from 40% Off

Cotton & Linen Shorts from 40% Off


[Limited sizing available - First come, first serve.]


We'll get things going Friday at 11AM, and won't be stopping until 6PM on Sunday (or until we're fresh out).

 We look forward to seeing you.


P.S. - It's brown liquor season, and we're always willing to share.