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While we can all be content with ourselves in embracing the beauty of linen’s natural wrinkles, sometimes we need a little more structure and formality during warmer the months.  For sportcoats in particular, this is where a blended fabric can play an important role — usually some combination of silk, wool, and linen.  Adjust the ratio of one versus the other and the result can yield some very interesting and unique fabrics.
Linen and wool are commonly seen together, as the wool adds a bit of structure and resilience.  The more wool in the blend, the more you can hedge your situation.  Going to a spring lawn party at your CEOs house and unsure of how formal the scene? A linen-wool blend could be a good bet.  If you want to get down to science, do a quick survey of how many people are drinking juleps vs iced tea. (A quick note: for those who keep kosher, you’ll want to stay away from this blend.  As the torah guides, it also can take away. Proceed with caution)
Wool and silk blends usually skew on the more formal end of things. People don’t give wool enough credit in the warmer months — it actually wicks away sweat and has natural anti-microbial properties that keep that moisture from getting funky.  Blend it with a little raw silk or matka to add a little nattiness, or a dupioni for something a bit more sleek.  This is a jacket for an evening party, probably outside somewhere (maybe malibu or the eastern shore) where you’d have a very strong gin and tonic.  The silk will keep it interesting, but the wool will ground you.
Underrated and probably our favorite summer blend would have to be silk and linen.  Up the linen ratio and you get just a little bit of sheen on a very natural, soft fabric; up the silk — and it really does depend on the kind of silk (matka is our preference) — for bigger texture and a unique fabric that can differ even in the same bolt.  Just like a warm afternoon with a cocktail glass sweating in your hand, silk and linen blends are all different, but their heart is in the right place.  But be wary — when overdone, they can veer off in odd directions.

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