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There is nothing like a well-cut dress shirt.  In a very fine fabric, an excellent custom shirt can be world changing.  Many men have the problem of fitting in both the neck and the body simultaneously — with a custom shirt, no sacrifices on fit need to be made.  It’s a hell of a thing.

Branch out from your solid whites and blues into a gingham or tattersall and that dress shirt can quickly transition into a great sport shirt — one that you can wear under a blazer, maybe with a tie, on weekdays, or on the weekend with a little more flow.  The versatility of the sport shirt is second to none.

I’m here to propose taking it a step further. Enter: the Popover.  You may be familiar with the Reyn Spooner version, Hawaiian printed and preferably worn with a lei.  This is a great shirt, but not quite as useful when not in a tropical locale.  As we look forward to summer (despite only being a few weeks into Spring), Fridays bring a new challenge: how to get from the office to the beach (or pool) as quickly as possible.  You can get into a swim suit with no problem at all, but a shirt? Tough to rock a t-shirt or polo to the office. And, unless you are Clark Kent, those extra few seconds it takes to change could be the difference between mind-numbing traffic and a tiki cocktail. Not a tough choice, in my opinion.
For this very special scenario, we proffer the custom popover.  Choose slightly more conservative fabric — solids and ginghams work great — and pair with a spread collar (or button down, if that’s more your style).  Just like your weekday shirt, it’ll fit in the neck and, outside of a few missing buttons, will look just like a weekday shirt.  You could even wear a tie if some unforgiving soul chooses to schedule something important.  But little do they know, you’re halfway to enjoying the sun setting over a body of water, drink in hand, with Monday but a distant visage.



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