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If you weren’t already aware, this is the greatest week of the year. Despite what the calendar might tell you, The Masters is the official start to spring. It’s a cue to break out the colors, both pastel and bright, and start to look to the blooming azaleas as our style icons. (Fun fact: if the weather in Georgia is a bit too warm in March, ANGC will layer ice on the ground around their famous Azalea bushes so they will not bloom too early.)

From the drive down Magnolia lane, to the pimento cheese sandwiches, the perfectly manicured fairways, and undulating greens, this week reminds us of tradition in its true form. Some things change, as they should, but The Masters stays the same.

Take the iconic Green Jacket, for example. We favor a slightly different cut for sport coats: a higher gorge and armhole, and a nipped waist. But to change the jacket would be to change tradition; no matter what the cut or style, the Green Jacket looks outstanding, so long as you’ve earned it. Plus, if you put a sharper coat on The Masters champion, the humbling endearment and reverence the winner shows might start to turn people off — because that jacket also comes with fame, success, and a $1.8m check. Green with envy, indeed.

Happy Masters Week, friends.


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