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Campari and Chill?

We are constantly told there is elegance in simplicity — we at Read Wall certainly believe this. And some days, especially this time of year, it’s nice to get home and get directly back out the door to enjoy the evening sunshine, drink in hand, without the fanfare of mixing a couple delicate cocktails or the rapid-onset buzz of a very stiff drink. Enter Campari Soda. As its name suggests, this is not a complicated beverage, and yet our old friend Campari comes through for us yet again, holding up the intrigue-end with its unforgettable bittersweet presence and splash of cochineal color. Fun fact: Campari, until 2006, actually obtained its ruby-red color from the dye of the cochineal insect. I’m not sure why they changed it, but there is not any discernible difference in taste or quality, so vegans — welcome to the party.

I like about 2 parts seltzer to my Campari for this drink (eyeballed), over cubed ice, in the tallest glass I can find. You can use a straw, but I usually prefer to get my nose right in there as I drink this, particularly after I garnish it with a citrus twist (or wedge, or round — go nuts; this is not a finicky tipple). This is also a great drink to make in a pitcher for consumption pool-side. It’s impressively festive-looking, about as alcoholic as drinking wine, and quick to throw together on your way out the door. Refreshing, interesting, elegant. Simple.

Drink Well.


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