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No loops, No problemsno loops, no problem
Many men have a hard time walking out the door without a belt. This is particularly understandable because many men own pants that do not fit properly. So the belt holds up baggy pants and prevents a man from being arrested.

As Occam’s Razor states, the simplest way to solve a problem is, in most cases, the best. Applied to the issue of men’s trousers our simplest solution is to wear pants that fit properly and obviate the belt (and loops) altogether. Admittedly, the belt has long been perceived as a staple of the “practical man.” Yet consider what the belt’s absence suggests about the wearer (and let’s visualize here a staple navy trouser, not wildly patterned madras or some ‘power fabric’): that this is a gentleman of thoughtful simplicity and self-control (after all—the man who gains and loses 30 lbs each year does not order his trousers without a belt and is likely not the picture of stability).

Fairly, this does bring up a practical consideration: if you are worried about slimming, or fabric stretching slightly, throughout the day—as can happen in Washington summers—add side adjuster. A quick and subtle cinch can give you the quarter inch of girth you lost in water weight braving the heat and humidity.

So you in the belt camp, I challenge you to try a pair of custom, belt-less trousers. You will be impressed by the increased comfort, versatility, and clean silhouette. Pair with … any shoes you wish.


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