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The sensation of putting on a great button-front shirt is something that never gets old. Whether it’s the old oxford with the full roll, button-down collar — possibly fraying a bit — and gets equally better and closer to death with each wash; or the crisp dress shirt, with a fabric that feels like a soft, invisible force field and a fit that perfectly shapes your torso, tailored but never tight.

Creating a masterpiece shirt isn’t rocket science, but there is an art to it. Even if you are an easy-fit for off the rack shirts, custom shirts offer a new world of perfect. The breadth of fabrics — that beautiful pale blue (maybe a Sea Island 140s pinpoint, for example) or the tattersall that works on any day that ends in "Y" (I’m thinking about a particular Thomas Mason Piumino 120s right here) — and the selection of both collar and fit to perfectly frame your preference will change the way you get dressed in the morning.

Jay Gatsby had a guy in London buy his shirts for him. Rumor has it, the fabrics were Thomas Mason. If you can’t get to Jermyn Street, I’ve heard of a place in DC that’s just as good. Gatsby knew Daisy would love the threads — if you have someone to impress (even if it’s yourself), I’d recommend giving custom shirts a shot. They may not bring someone to tears, but they sure will feel nice.


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