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There is a lot of mystery and mis-information when it comes to choosing shirt collars. Some people say go with something that frames your face; others claim it depends on the size of your preferred tie knot. Both of these schools are, in a word, wrong -- or based on false premise. 
First, there is only one tie knot any man should ever use: the four in hand (or double four in hand, depending on the tie). These will have the same shape regardless. If you are a full Windsor guy, apologies, but please stop.  
A narrow point collar interferes with this knot and makes people look like 1950s detectives, so a wider collar spread is preferable.
Outside of those rules, we recommend choosing a collar based on a simple premise: wear what you like. If you like sensible, tie-framing collar, go with a medium spread. Our favorite collar is a wide spread. Not quite a cutaway, a wider spread collar will look great with a tie, but also roll nicely under a blazer if a tie isn't required. And if you like the aggressive look of the cutaway -- have at it. Just be sure to not to be tempted by wider tie knots.  Showing a bit of the neck of the tie is a good way to show off some nice silk. 
So toss the old rules and go with the collar that feels right, never narrow, just wide or wild. 

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