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There are a number of ways to tackle suiting in the summer time. Tropical wools are a great option for a crisp, summer suit, as would a panama, maybe with a bit of mohair blended in, for extra crispness and durability.

But our favorite summer suit fabric is a wool fresco.  By definition, fresco fabrics are a multiple yarn, high twist, plain weave wool.  This may not mean much to you, but there are a few things to note about Fresco wools that are substantially different than most suitings.
While the tell for a fine wool fabric is usually it’s hand, or how soft and luxurious it may feel, a fresco wool is noticeably rough.  The kind of rough that, at first feel, might seem inferior to other, softer fabrics.  But in that roughness, beauty and versatility lies.
A fabric woven with a high twist yarn will always be more resilient than lower-twist counterparts. And fresco wool, in particular, is exceptionally resilient.  Summer usually puts our clothing under a little more pressure, with the extra humidity and body heat, which results in immediate wrinkles for a lot of fabrics.  Quick weekend trips, like to a wedding for example, find our clothes jammed into suitcases unceremoniously.  With a lesser fabric, hard creases and obvious travel lines mar what would be glorious, instagrammable pictures, documenting what an awesome time you had a your buddy’s beautiful wedding.  Not the case with frescos: they have natural wrinkle resistant properties, keeping your suit looking pressed despite how many gin cocktails you’ve had.
And the kicker, Frescos are woven with an open weave, making them cooler than other similarly weighted fabrics.  A lightweight fresco lets you take full advantage of that one glorious breeze, making that extra long outdoor ceremony where the bride and groom have written their own vows seem almost bearable.  Almost.
As the saying goes, don’t judge a book by it’s cover; that rough fabric that seems like a black sheep may just be your saving grace come August.

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