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I sent pictures of my snowed in backyard to my friends and family over the weekend, to the overwhelming response of ‘that’s so pretty!’.  A sea of white and the prospect of sitting by the fire, sipping bourbon in black watch flannel pajamas is nice imagery, but we can’t live the months of December through March inside.  In order to be productive members of society, we must brave the cold and snow, and deal with little specks of freezing cold hitting you in spots where you’d rather be warm.

My recommended winter staples aren’t too different than what you’ll find anywhere else: Bean boots (if you can get your hands on them), a Barbour jacket (preferably with a quilted liner), and a flask.  These items should keep you warm-ish and dry-ish (well, not the last one) through the worst months of the year.

But these are just stopgaps — duct tape over a leaky hull, so to speak.  A couple winters ago I took a trip to Antigua and I realized how to deal with the cold: by jetting off to the Caribbean, sitting on the beach, and drinking a rum punch.  Repeat the last step until all memories of cold are forgotten.  - Read

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