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Gin...or bourbon?
The other day the Read Wall team closed the shop an hour early and headed to Read’s house for an occasional event we have affectionately dubbed “Habersmashery.” This is a time to unwind, have a meal together (grill out), chat about life and business, and, of course, enjoy some cocktails. Us being the hometown boys dealing hometown style, Rickeys were the natural bill of fare — and hey, it was hot that night anyway. I decided we should try each popular iteration, bourbon and gin, for as many rounds as it took, and get everyone’s reaction. Totally shockingly, it took a few rounds. My opinion is already well-established, so here is what the others had to say, in their own words.

Jake Shields:
Look at the time,
Get out the limes,
Try not to get sticky,
When you're making a rickey,
Forget the gin,
It's not a sin,
To just pull out the scotch!

That’s right, Jake is our fanciest employee. Doesn’t show.

Conor Siegel, with the All-American take:
The bourbon gives it some substance that the gin just doesn’t provide. I feel like a gin rickey is like having a hot dog with just ketchup. I’m for the bourbon.

And lastly Read Wall, in the spirit of his brand, employing elegant simplicity to ideal effect:
I'm all in on the bourbon.

I couldn’t agree more. Try both versions this holiday weekend and let us know what you think. Here’s to Summertime and Good Old Washington.

Drink Well.


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