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Champagne? Sure, there’s a cocktail for that. Guess what it’s called?

The Champagne Cocktail

1 Sugar Cube

Holding the sugar cube on a spoon, soak it in the bitters of your choice. (Angostura or Peychaud’s work well here, but, you know, experiment at will.) Then simply tip it into a glass of champagne. Froosh! Express a long twist of lemon over the top and drop it in.

Okay, so a few quick things about this drink. One is — obvious, I think — I wouldn’t use my best champagne for this one. This is a quick and easy way to dress up some of the less-than-stellar “champagne” that gets poured out by the bucketload on New Year’s Eve. I personally find this “fixes” some of the dry sparklers that sip a little acidic and sit a little sour.

But don’t get the wrong idea — the point of this drink is festivity and fun. It is fun. The sugar cube slowly dissolves as it sends up a cheerful column of bubbles and sweetens the drink. The bitters gives it a little snap and the next thing you know you’re on your third and you really are gonna turn things around this year and… 

It’s a fun drink. Try it.

Here are a few bonus NYE Pro-Tips:
    •    Champagne is traditionally drunk from flutes or coupe glasses. Anything glass and stemmed will work; smaller is better. I personally like the elegance (and versatility) of coupes, but the flute will hold the bubbles slightly longer if you don’t mind looking like a rich housewife while you stand there with a 12-inch long stem-glass in your hand. Okay, clearly I have some issues to resolve here.
    •    If you forget to buy bubbly, I have had success force-carbonating dry white wine in my soda siphon. (It works better to pull the siphon tube out first, then shake like hell, open the top, and pour it like a regular bottle.)
    •    PBR in a champagne flute looks, for all the world, like champagne. Do what you will with that one.

Happy New Year. Drink Well.

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