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This is a good question, but the answer is easy. Just like there are no stupid questions (only stupid people), good on ya, whoever dropped this one in.

Everything after Labor Day feels a little bit different.  People act a bit more formal, meetings take on a more serious tone, and we all feel just a little nostalgically disconnected from the ‘endless summer’ crowd.  It would be so easy if a crispness immediately entered the air on Tuesday and Autumn descended like the Visigoths on Rome.  This may be the case up North, but in Washington, September weather isn’t that different than August. It’s still hot, and flannel doesn’t fly just yet.  In this metaphor, it’s like those barbarians decided to spend a little extra time at the BBQ.

I like to dress it up a bit more in the Fall, as I’m a subscriber of the George Costanza sartorial philosophy: dress for your mood. Summer is fun, colors are bright, and life is easy.  Fall brings change (and Q4), so there is a bit more seriousness involved.  An easy way to bridge the Summer-Fall transition is to stick to the lightweight tropicals, but fix the mood gap with color.  We like greys, browns, and dark greens this season.  Soft tailoring still works with a Fall palette.

So in short: light fabrics, heavy color.  It’s as easy as morning mist.

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