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Well folks, we are staring autumn right in the nose. The air is getting crisp, foliage (not to be confused with foilage) is appearing, and football is in full force. Hello, October. 
Guys show their sensibilities in two ways this time of year: guys who wear jeans, and guys who don't. Jean guys also include the subset of 'denim heads', but if I have to listen to someone spout the virtues of 22 oz raw toyoda loom Kuroki denim one more time, my head is going to explode.
Men that do not wear jeans to work -- important caveat-- should own one pair of jeans: a raw or unwashed color with a slim (but never skinny) cut. These will break in over time and mold to your body. And please wash them regularly. After a while, they will fade and you will have to replace them. If you have an emotional attachment to the old jeans, keep them in your closet and wear them if a friend ever calls to help him move. Basically, there is never a need to buy two pairs of jeans at the same time or have two pairs officially in the rotation. 
But I would recommend this: when it's a little chilly on the weekend, try subbing out the jeans for a pair of flannel trousers. While you might have thought of flannels only for their Monday through Friday usage, their weekend versatility is underrated.  They are soft, warm, and wools are actually more resilient than denim. Soon enough, your jeans might be collecting dust in your closet, just like mine. 
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