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For the most part, this summer has been manageable, weather-wise.  For the most part, the mornings have been warm, but pleasant, and evenings similar — and in between, we’re normally swaddled in the cool embrace of air conditioning.  And, for the most part, we’ve enjoyed our time outside, capitalizing on every summer moment with the understanding that winter will come and force us indoors at some point in the future (unless we’ve moved to California or Florida by then).

But ‘for the most part’ is not all of the time.  The last couple weeks have been brutal — the kind of heat that is just a bad as a snow storm.  Outdoor activities that are normally pleasant became unbearable in intervals over 30 minutes.  Sweat is an understatement and heat exhaustion a legitimate concern.  Mid-morning tee times and afternoon yellow-fuzzy-swat sessions are summarily out of the question.  For our team, it’s been tough.

In most dressing scenarios, form and function dance happily together. But the recent heat spell has broken all the rules of usual dressing.  Martial law is enforced and function rules with an iron fist.  Shorts, Linen, and cold towels.  Keep extra shirts in the office to replace your sweated through threads mid-workday.  And stay extra hydrated.  Both the heat and the additional booze intake (because we need to cope) will drain your body of moisture like a lizard roasting on a hot deck.  

The best option for this weekend: get on a boat or hop in the water.  Brunch at the marina starts at 10am.

Stay cool, folks.  It’s gonna be a hot one.

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