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Summer is dead, long live summer.  Every year, about this time, it happens.  I saw some foliage last weekend — and it shocked me.  It felt like just yesterday I was basking in the heat, knowing that if all the work was done, there was a golf course waiting.  So long, sweet heat.

Hello Fall.  A small consolation is that the clothes are better as the season changes. Flannels, tweeds, corduroys are now all in play.

A large consolation is that football starts.  There was a lot of blood in week one, but a lot of football still to be played.  So keep your heads up, SEC.  And how do you show your support?  Team colors.  But don’t go crazy.  Jerseys are for the die-hards — men who wish they had their hands in the dirt but instead are shotgunning a beer in the parking lot.

Now this is just my humble opinion, but I’d rather enjoy a bourbon and a burger than have my head caved in to the point I can’t remember my name (although that would build a heck of a lot of character).  I’m getting older and maybe I don’t have the same grit that I once did.  

So my suggestion is to show your support with an understated burgundy and gold tie on Friday, or maybe a team colored (not team issued) polo or sport shirt for game day — purple and gold goes with everything.  These small touches show you care but that you have other stuff going on, even if you don’t.



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