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This year, I made the pilgrimage to golf Mecca: Augusta National Golf Club for the Masters tournament. It was for a rainy Monday practice round, but the experience was unbelievable. The grounds are immaculate, the elevation change just as dramatic as everyone says, and I confirmed that the pimento cheese sandwiches are the perfect complement to a domestic light beer. It truly is a special place.
The players usually break out their Masters best this week, in play and in style. Simple, classic pairings always work best on the course -— and a little extra green this week never hurts. This is how recreational golfers should aim to dress on a casual Saturday round. Any other tour stop brings out the flash -- bright colors, garish belts, and, the worst offense for someone NOT being paid to do so, an over-logo-ed getup. Tour players get paid millions of dollars by companies looking for attention. As professionals in another industry, we do not.
There are a few players that consistently exhibit solid style on the course: Phil the thrill usually has a solid monochromatic look (great for larger gentlemen); Adam Scott, while I wish he wasn’t sponsored by a fast fashion brand, always keeps it classic; and, though not playing this week, Luke Donald consistently gets my hat tip for best dressed golfer.
I’m also happy to rip on the worst dressed golfers, but, without naming names, my faux pas include high tops, joggers, any shirt without a proper collar, and flat brims. Stay away from those grenades and you are off to a fine start.
For the most part all the players tend to respect the tradition of the Masters this week in April with their best looks. Because it is a special week, a special place, and a tradition unlike any other.
Enjoy the weekend. It should be a good one, friends.

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