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Sartoria Columbia: #NEVERSOCKS

We're pretty big on loafers here at the shop (it's not a boardroom, after all) and we get the question all the time. So this week we're taking a stand on one of the most controversial styling moves in the modern man's arsenal: to sock or not to sock? If you ask your dad or your grandfather, the answer will be short and sweet, a resounding "real men wear socks." Yes, sir.

Now, we love our forefathers just as much as the next guy. However, the times they are a changin' and the team at READ WALL invite you to join us. From the tassle loafer to the beefroll penny, the slipper to the driving moc, the boat shoe to the belgians - great lace-less footwear calls for (and looks better) sans socks. We're not the first to do it - many a great man has proven the benefit of a bare ankle in stride - but we're here to stand up and loudly proclaim: Never Socks. Get comfy. Get free.


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