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Despite being relatively out of direct sightline, people notice shoes. Just like an ill-fitting suit or shirt can ruin an otherwise fine looking outfit, bad shoes can have an equally adverse effect. Wearing a nice suit with poorly made shoes give the impression of all flash and no substance. 
If you are reading this, you probably already know that we are big proponents of well-made things. We make all of our suits and sport coats using a full canvas construction, the pinnacle of tailored clothing, so our jackets wear better and last longer. Similar to a full canvas in jackets, the best construction method for shoes is called a goodyear welt. It is a time consuming process but the extra effort produces a superior shoe.
We chose our newest brand partner based on these shared values. Alden shoes have a reputation for being some of the best shoes in America, and for good reason. By their exacting standards, Alden selects only the finest leathers for shoes that men have worn, polished, and resoled over and over again. A man that wears Alden’s is a man that appreciates quality — which is a trait we see in each and every one of our customers.
If you are not familiar with Alden, I encourage you to try a pair on when you stop by next. This evening, we’ll be serving bourbon Rickeys — a twist on a DC staple cocktail. It’s a drink that pairs nicely with snuff suede.
We look forward to seeing you soon.

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