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So you’ve been invited to a wedding.  Congratulations on having at least one confirmed friend.  Should be a fun evening — dinner, dancing to a live band, and everyone’s favorite small talk.  But there will be an open bar, so all those ‘hey howya doings’ will go down just as smooth as the Makers Mark.

‘What to wear to a wedding’ is a question many men have trouble answering.  With all the different attire requests these days, it’s tough to know if you’ll be more out of place wearing a crisp navy suit or jorts.  But when an invitation says ‘black tie’ or ‘black tie optional’, there really is no discussion needed.  Wear a tux.

There is a perceived ordeal of putting on the penguin suit that men balk at.  But the misgivings are entirely unwarranted.  Putting on a suit and putting on a tux are not all that different.  There many be a few more steps like cufflinks and studs, but in the pro column, you don’t have to pick out a shirt or tie (white shirt, black bow tie).

A good tux is something every man should own. So when you are invited to a black tie wedding (or gala), you’ll always be prepared.  Don’t text your other friends to see if they are wearing a tux to the wedding, too.  Wear a tux.

As the saying goes, the better you dress, the worse you can behave.  A tux is basically a free pass from any side-eyed looks from any other guests after your sixth trip to the open bar.  And if you want to avoid those looks from the bartender, leave a tip.

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