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Picking a fabric for a suit or sport coat is fun process. It’s the beauty of custom — you can get whatever you want. Obviously price may be a concern — some fabrics simply cost more than others — and if you have a particularly particular glen plaid deco in mind, with just the right check spacing, you may only find something that is very close (i.e. not exact).
We have thousands of fabrics in our store, some nicer and more interesting than others. But some of the most fun fabric offerings that we have are called ‘end cuts’, which are the last few yards of a bolt of fabric. Occasionally, we will buy these cuts for the store, so our customers can see the full fabric of their choosing before it is sent off to our factory to be made into their suit or sport coat. That in itself is pretty cool.
But the coolest thing about end cuts is their uniqueness. While others may have the first forty yards of that bolt, you’ll have the last. And no one else after you will have an item exactly like it. Because, in our experience, if a mill says they aren’t going to make a fabric anymore, it’s usually smart to take them at their word. But, that being said, once you’ve made an end cut into a suit, don’t trash the trousers. If there is no more fabric, there are no more trousers.
That uniqueness is what sets your end cut apart — there will be no more. So every time a friend, colleague, or arch rival says, ‘hey, that’s a great coat’, you can tell them it’s one of a kind. Or, a response to a compliment that I like: ‘I know’.

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