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At a certain point in life, sneakers and flip flops just don’t cut it.  After college, the rainbow sandal life cycle goes from about 1.5 years to 10.  They just don’t get as much use.  What takes their place says a lot about a man.

Oxfords and cap toes certainly look great and will be appropriate in just about any setting. And, while a lace up might help get you a better fit, they aren’t all that interesting.  Wearing a lace up dress shoe is, in all regards, sensible. 

But for a man of character and efficiently, consider the loafer. The loafer is built on a moccasin frame, which is, by definition, a slip on shoe and tends to have less construction for ease of use and comfort.  The classic American Penny loafer —originally called the Weejun —  was invented in 1936 by Mr. G.H. Bass and popularized by Ive leaguers looking for a place to store their pennies.  Later came the tassel — for those who didn’t like looking at laces on a shoe (I can relate).

The time you save slipping on shoes instead of lacing could be served smelling roses on the way to the car in the morning.  No wonder the guy lacing up his shoes tends to have less perspective on life.

One might argue that loafers are for loafing, and to that guy I say ‘what of it?’  No matter how hard you work, you should always appear to be calm, cool, and collected.  Like the duck paddling hard under the water, but all you see is a cool customer floating on glass. 

So the next time you look into your closet, know that the loafer adds the perfect ambiguity to the age old question: working hard or hardly working?  Wouldn’t you like to know.

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