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Look at those crispy whites

Labor Day weekend bookends summer and signals the beginning of the Fall season.  The pool closes, football starts, and style police overuse the ‘no white after Labor Day’ flag.  While decorum and tradition have their place, these antiquated ‘rules’ need a little nuance.  Ever hear of winter white?  Rule: abolished.

There are style rules and there are ‘style rules’, with Emily Post as the chief of police.  The best way to arm yourself against the oppressors? Knowledge.  A good solution if you find yourself worried about matching your belt with your shoes? Don’t wear a belt. (Most reputable establishments require shoes.)

The key to breaking any rule is understanding it: ‘Know your enemy’, as they say.  The “no white after labor day’ rule comes from a time filled with dress codes and customs.  White was worn in summer because it was cooler, and not worn in the winter because all your white clothes would have been left at the summer house.  The transportation of clothes has become more efficient in modern times now that luggage has wheels; our white clothes travel with us.

So while summer may be technically over, we can always enjoy the sentiment without fear.  Yacht Rock Radio may be leaving channel 18, but we can always find it on channel 311 (FYI).  Understand the rules of style and you can break them with confidence. But seriously, tuck in your shirt.


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