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There are a few different ways to take a summer beach trip. The most prevalent is the weekend jaunt. Popular with 9-5ers, the weekend beach trip usually involves no more than 3 hours in the car to the nearest body of water that also has a bar and place to crash. Get behind the wheel around 3pm Friday, toss on a little yacht rock radio (Sirius channel 18), and cruise right into a margarita no later than 6pm. Life could be worse. 

Not to be outdone by this deliberate attempt at seizing the day is the extended beach trip. It's a similar idea -- take advantage of the long days and warm weather -- just more of it, and usually with more golf. With more time to play with, you can usually be a little more selective with your location. From DC, you can get to Nantucket, Maine, or if you really love the heat, South Carolina (where yours truly will be for the next week) without blinking about the time it may take to get there. 

Since this is a newsletter focused on style, I'd be remiss not to mention my packing list for said trip: a few bathing suits (vilebrequin), some polos (sunspel), and golf clubs with requisite attire (a topic for a later post). Maybe a ridiculous summer blazer (bright pink cotton works well) -- because when you are at the beach navy wool really won't match the vibe of the setting. 

So when that time of the summer comes, ease into it. Drink whatever feels right and -- this is important -- don't forget sunscreen. 


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