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There is no denying the ease — and formality — of the suit.  A dark suit and white shirt can clean a guy up, no matter his position or mental state.  A lighter suit can lighten the mood while still keeping up the proper appearance.  An added benefit of the suit: less decision making.  If you spend a minute every morning deciding what pair of pants to put on, a suit could save you 5 minutes per week.  That’s 20 minutes a month.  What would you do with that extra time?
The ‘coat and tie’, while a more rakish combo, is a slightly more antiquated attire request, generally reserved for clubs and cocktail parties with the 70 and older set.  Workplaces that used to require ‘coat and tie’ have generally transitioned to the awkward dress shirt and trouser look, with a sport coat usually stashed somewhere in the office.  But ‘coat and tie’ looks have a nuance that, for the skilled dresser, add a versatility not available to the suit-wearer.  Grey wool trousers and blue blazer can look more formal than some lighter suits — just as a pair of tailored chinos or cords with a tweed coat will look less stuffy than its flannel suit counterpart.
A guiding sartorial principal, in our eyes, is to be dressed up for casual occasions and down for more formal ones, while always staying within the boundaries of what the setting requires — it’s all relative, as they say.  Need to wear a suit to a wedding? Try a fun coat and tie combo instead.  Are your colleagues falling victim to the ‘business casual’ trend?  Wear a suit to show them you mean business — even if you are planning to leave early for the golf course.

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