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You may have noticed an exciting announcement from us this week: the launch of our Artisanal collection. The READ WALL Artisanal line was created to show off the pinnacle of American craftsmanship. While we have always had an excellent full canvas make for our made to measure line, we had a number of requests for some very specific things — which we can now address.
The Artisanal line was long in the making and our small factory of coat makers is one of Americas best secrets. I first learned of them, as many of these things come about, in a conversation with a friend, about a year ago. I had the idea of making a fully handmade suit, and was looking for the right partner to execute the style I had in mind: which was a Roman style suit that was both soft and Italian, with a hint of British heritage, a style pioneered by Domenico Caraceni in Rome. After a few discussions with the owners (it is still a family-owned factory), I was convinced that they were worth trying.
If you follow us on Instagram (and if you don’t, you should @READWALL), you may have seen a few pictures of basted garments. One of the very unique processes that we implement in the fitting of our Artisanal suits is a custom try-on. This is a semi constructed garment made from a basic cloth — but it is made using your unique measurements and fit preferences. This helps us dial in the fit in a way that is impossible with a finished garment.
Aside from an advanced fit process, we also utilize a full hand make on our Artisanal suits. This takes an incredible level of skill but it is a superior method for jacket construction. Every Artisanal coat that we make will have a beautiful fullness to the lapel and shoulder, while remaining light and soft.
I tested this process extensively (tough gig, I have) and can say with confidence that the make is truly exceptional. From the moment you slip the coat on, it feels different — as Mr. Caraceni described, the suit is, ‘elegant but as light as a handkerchief’. The trousers, as well, feel as comfortable as sweatpants (but look considerably better).
If this kind of beauty interests you, I encourage you to swing by the shop. We are more than happy to walk you through the process, show off some our incredible fabrics, and answer any questions you might have about the Artisanal collection, and why it is so special.

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