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Fit is a fickle mistress.  Hidden inside the numbers of point to point, half back, and length, to name a few, is an emotion that comes from balance, both in posture and style, connecting us to an article of clothing.  And when it’s right, it’s right, and there’s nothing like it.

Not to toot our horn, but we are pretty good at getting this right with one swing.  Within every ‘average build’ gentleman, there are still any number of intricacies that we accommodate in a custom fitting, whether through a shoulder adjustment or choice of canvas.  These details make a suit come together.

You may have seen some famous pictures of bespoke tailors that have clients trying on what look like a half finished garment, held together by loose stitches.  This is called a basted fitting and is a step in the custom process that we will utilize occasionally to confirm our fit assessment and easily accommodate for any adjustments.

When you try on a basted garment, it may only have one sleeve, and will likely have loose threads hanging off the jacket, and it will likely have you question just what the hell you are wearing.  But the looseness of the make at this stage is deliberate; a loose stitch easier to deconstruct than a finished one.

But outside of the fit confirmation a basted garment provides, it also gives clients a literal way to peek behind the curtain.  The floating canvas is exposed, the shoulder structure is open, and some of the mysteries of jacket construction are revealed.

Full custom has a number of merits.  Just as food can make you full, at a base level, a custom suit or jacket will fit.  But that extra step, and the emotional experience that it provides, will allow clients to see the work of true artisans.  Think of it as a pre-fixe suit.  And if you are looking for a beverage pairing, we recommend bourbon.
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