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The Holidays are a time of year when men realize that too much food and too much drink aggregate in a way that is not entirely as pleasing as the consumption.  Our waistlines expand, our heads ache, and the well of holiday cheer drains like a tub.  After one of these events, we’ll likely start the internal conversation of starting a healthier habits.  But not now: the new year will bring a new you.

While we aren’t experts on nutrition or biomechanics, we are experts on clothes that fit — part of the equation is the clothes, the other part is you.  So here are a few healthy habits to start now to combat the cumulative effects of the season.

1. Sweat a few times every week. Don’t have time to hop on the treadmill? A quick steam or sauna will get the sweat beads flowing.

2. Gyms are for suckers. Play sports instead. Squash is a good one for the colder months. Or get your buddies together for a golf trip somewhere warm. Swinging a golf club is the same as swinging around a weight. (Source: )

3. Eat more meat than cake. Sorry PETA.

4. Stretch. Staying limber is vital for overall health. There is no need to sign up for yoga — start with something as simple touching your toes.

5. Finally, overtraining is real, so don’t overdo it. (NOTE: if you proclaim ‘I’m tired from going to the gym,’ understand that it reads the same as ‘I’m tired from staying up too late drinking.’  While it may be true, it is a decision you have made, so either keep it to yourself or adjust your behavior accordingly so that it doesn’t happen again.)

Use these tips to maintain what you’ve worked hard to achieve: a body primed for peak performance in a modern setting.  If you have other goals, then consult another expert.

Here endeth the lesson.

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