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Lord Mountbatten & Prince Charles: Grey vs Navy
We do a lot of suits here in DC. And they tend to be, for the most part, reasonably conservative. Obviously we put our unique spin on them, but if you are looking for a well appointed suit that will get noticed for the right reasons (both by your spouse and your boss), we're your shop. 

I was having this conversation with a friend recently: if you are going to own just one suit, what color should it be? Navy or grey? It's a question men have asked as long as suits have been around, which is a long time. 

While everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinion (both colors with serve you well in a myriad of scenarios), I'll offer my own humble opinion: go with navy. 

In the venn diagram of suit-wearing situations, there is a lot of overlap with navy and grey. Your standard conservative workday? A big meeting? Both work equally well. 

But it's the margins we are operating in for this argument, so let's explore. Grey suits skew more formal, so if you have a funeral to go to (and like many men, you do not own a black suit), grey works. Navy is slightly less formal -- and while no one at that funeral will think you are celebrating the passing of gram, it will play decidedly worse than grey.

Weddings (and other parties) are on the other side of the spectrum. Again, grey isn't wrong, but navy works better. The slight hint of color will make you look better in pictures and you probably don't have to worry about a photographer at that funeral.

I tend to be an optimist. If you need just one suit, make it navy. Because I hope you are going to more weddings than funerals.

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