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Every city and town has their institutions: the small, traditional haberdasheries that have been around forever.  Maybe your dad shopped there, or even grandfather.  When you needed something to look good in, this is where you went.  Stores like Eljo’s, The Andover Shop, Alvin Dennis, or even Britches, that connect you to a particular sensibility.

These stores have an untold history.  The salesman who helped a president with a new sportcoat, or the time a certain celebrity popped in for a shirt are stories mentioned in passing, but if all of them were written down, the book would be too thick to carry.  And, as is common in places like this, they treat regular folks like celebrities and celebrities like regular folks.

I grew up in stores like these.  Whether it was to check out the aspirational sportcoat, or find the cool madras trousers no one else carried, I always looked forward to the smell of the wood paneling and look of the plaid wall-to-wall carpet (that would look terrible anywhere else, but somehow just worked).  

In our store, we’ve tried to update the haberdashery concept just a bit.  Instead of wainscot, we have white walls; instead of carpet, we have cement (and an oriental rug or two); and instead of antique tables, we have ping pong.  But it’s a commitment to the emotion of clothes, and the feeling you have while feeling an item that is truly well-made, that we embrace.  Our booze is icing, but quality clothes are the cake.
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