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February is usually brutal. It’s a cold month with some inconvenient snow and bitter wind chill. It’s only redeeming quality being that there are only 28 days to endure. But, as I write this, the temperature is just south of 70 and birds are chirping. Normally, I wouldn’t say anything — I never want to jinx a good thing. But the cherry blossoms are already blooming so I feel safe in saying that Spring may be here to stay. Hallelujah.
This being a style section, I’ll offer a small piece of often overlooked advice. In our store, we preach timeless style — pieces that will look classic for many years. We make quality items that are built to be worn and built to last. But if you wear clothes too hard and too frequently, the natural fibers will break down no matter how nice the fabric and construction. A great way to get your clothes to last longer is to think seasonally; instead of a closet full of four season fabrics, consider buying fall/winter items in heavier fabrics, and lightweights for the spring and summer. You will be more comfortable overall and your suits will have a built in time for rest. So while you are enjoying beautiful weather this spring and summer, your winter suits will be recuperating, rehydrating, and preparing for a season of wear when the sun flips back around.
If you’d like to implement these tactics, swing by the store this week. We are running our seasonal made to measure event — which means the best prices we can offer on our American made, full canvas suits and sport coats. We have tons of great new spring fabrics and we’d love to help you get the most out of your closet.

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