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Custom Trousers

Custom Trousers


A product often overlooked thanks to the proliferation of the off-the-rack (OTR) pant are custom trousers. Custom Trousers are an easy way to overcome the restrictions that, more often than not, go hand in hand with off-the-rack patterns, fit, and style.

In the modern work environment, trousers play an even more important role than ever. Jeans are not acceptable work attire in most formal offices, but more and more common are relaxed, ‘business casual’ dress codes that are often hard to navigate. A nice pair of custom trousers paired with a sport shirt and blazer can turn an otherwise uneasy dressing situation into one of confidence.

At READ WALL we pride ourselves on a custom trouser that will fit you in all the right places, creating a tailored fit without compromising on comfort or style. Our fully-structured waistband creates a clean silhouette, whether they are worn with or without a jacket. From the waistband, to the pocket setup, to your preference on fit, the READ WALL custom trouser process allows for complete client control over the final garment.

READ WALL Custom Trousers are made at our workshop in Washington, D.C.

Trousers start at $325 for cottons, $395 for wools || Production Time: 4-5 weeks