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Our Process

How does the fitting process work?

Initial Fitting: The first step of the process is an initial fitting. You can schedule an appointment ahead of time or just wander into our shop. We will go over styles, measure for your ideal fit, select fabrics, liners, and details. This is a fun process and usually takes about 30-45 minutes depending on how decided you are on the suit you would like.

Second fitting: About six to eight weeks later for suits, four weeks for shirts, we will contact you to set up a second fitting. If there are any alterations needed at this stage, we will take care of them for you with one of our skilled local tailors. More often than not, you are walking out the door with your new item that day.

Moving forward: If you would like further alterations on your READ WALL products, drop them back at the shop and we will take care of them for you, gratis, for the life of the garment, so long as body shape has not changed too dramatically to require a new size.

Often, we will add what is called a ‘basted garment fitting’. This is an additional step but does not increase the time of production. A Basted Garment is a loosely stitched garment that can be easily altered. This step ensures a cleaner fit and reduces the need for additional alterations on the finished garment.

Beautifully tailored clothing can take some time to produce. While we always aim to beat our time estimates and understand you may be eager to show off your new product, we encourage patience throughout the process.

If you have an event of hard deadline, please review our Terms & Conditions regarding rush orders.