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Our Style

Our Tailoring Philosophy
Inspired by military uniforms, modern tailoring styles are a function of climate and culture. While Italians prefer lightweight construction and luxurious fabrics, British tailoring is defined by more structure and presence.  
We specialize in American tailoring, often described as ‘natural shoulder’ tailoring.  Built to last and with enough structure to toe the line of formality, but not so much that it hides the character of the Man underneath.  Our suits are made with a distinctly American edge -- utilitarian, powerful, looking forward while respecting the past.  Our tailoring style is designed to help you look like the best version of yourself.
Our silhouette utilizes a higher armhole, nipped waist, and slightly tapered leg to highlight strong shoulders and a tailored look, all while remaining comfortable. Our styles are never skinny and provide ample room to move, live, and breath.
Jacket Styling
All jacket styles can be modified to achieve the perfect suit for you. Things like lapel width, vents, lining style, jacket closure (2-button, 1-button, 3/2 roll, double breasted), can all be modified. Details such as working button holes (surgeons cuffs) and hand finishings come standard.
If you have something in particular in mind, please mention it in your fitting and we can usually accommodate.

Shirt Styling
We take great care to make sure all of the details of our custom shirts are done to the highest level of quality. All details regarding collars, cuffs, front placket styles, and ideal fit can be modified. Our shirts are hand sewn in New Jersey at a factory that exclusively produces custom shirts. These are shirts that are made to last.

We provide complimentary alterations service for all READ WALL custom products, assuming there has not been a dramatic body change requiring a new size. Alterations usually take about a week and are completed in-house with our skilled tailors.

We use a variety of fabrics from some of the best mills in Italy, England, and Scotland. There a few differences between Italian and British fabrics that are worth highlighting here: Italian fabrics tend to have a very soft, luxurious hand, and tend towards lighter weights. While Italian tailoring is beautiful in its idiosyncrasies, the fabrics and patterns are very precise. British fabrics lean towards the heavier weights better suited for their climate (think grey skies and 40 degrees) and have a very natural look. Selecting the perfect fabric for your suit or sportcoat is a fun experience, but can sometimes lead to sensory overload. We are happy to guide you through our range of fabrics and help you choose the best one for your purpose.
A note regarding the ‘super’ number: many people associate a higher super number with a better fabric, but this is not always the case. The super number refers to the fineness of the wool fiber used to make the cloth. While a higher super number will indeed lead to a softer fabric, it comes at the expense of durability. Our opinion is to look closely at the mill producing the fabric -- some world-class mills do not produce any fabrics over a super 160s, while unknown mills boast super 200s or 250s. A lower super number from a better mill is ALWAYS preferable to a higher super number from a less than world-class mill (examples Vitale Barberis, Hardy Minnis, Ariston, Holland and Sherry, Loro Piana)