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Suits & Sportcoats




Our Made to Measure suits are crafted with the highest standards of quality. All of our suits are made with a full floating canvas (no fusing) and are designed to mold to your body over time. Each pattern is cut based on your unique measurements and preferences for a garment of unparalleled value.
Our signature style is characterized by a high gorge, mid-width lapel, and suppressed waist to highlight a timeless yet modern look. We can accommodate most style requests in our made to measure program in order to provide you a tailored garment that best fits your needs and preference. Made to measure items are completed in about 6-8 weeks with prices starting at $1250


Our Artisanal line highlights the pinnacle of American craftsmanship. Garments in this category are made fully by hand and patterns are crafted individually for each client. All Artisanal items require an extensive consultation and three to four fittings. Every single detail of our Artisanal tailored line is chosen to fully express your unique style. Our Artisanal line is American luxury at its finest.
Completion times for Artisanal items may vary depending on the schedule of each fitting. Following your initial consultation, a basted garment will be ready in about two weeks, with a second garment fitting 4-6 weeks after the basted fitting. You should plan to allot about three months from the initial consultation to receive your finished garment. Prices start at $3300



We have thousands of fabrics to choose from in our showroom.  Looking for the perfect everyday suit?  Try our classic suitings book.  Want a fun summer sportcoat or winter tweed (or tartan)? We've got you covered.

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