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Wear & Tear

We do our best to provide you with the best quality clothing.  While we believe our clothes will last you longer than other garments you may own, wear and tear is inevitable and unavoidable. READ WALL is not responsible for normal wear and tear of our garments.

Specific wear and tear for certain body types is unfortunate but often times, unavoidable.  An example of this includes rubbing between the thighs -- this is a not uncommon issue for some men and unfortunately no amount of reinforcement or fit adjustments can alleviate the excessive wear.  We encourage you to consult your tailor for the best ways to avoid these issues but, again, these are inherent and READ WALL will not be responsible for the wear and tear of our garments.

Please consult our information on proper garment care.  Following these best practices can dramatically increase the life of your READ WALL garments. (or any suiting you own, for that matter)



We provide complimentary alterations for all READ WALL custom products.  Things like hemming, tapering, even letting out or taking in, we are happy to take care of for you in the normal lifespan of the garment.  Unfortunately in cases where body type has changed to the point where a new size is required, we are unable to alter the garment.  In this instance, we’ll be certain to let you down as gently as we can!

We offer a few complimentary tailoring services for our ready to wear products.  Things like hemming of pants and shortening of sleeves are on us.  We also provide other alterations services for our ready to wear products at a fair price.  We can only offer our alterations service on READ WALL products.  Please note that we cannot accept returns on altered products.

Returns & Exchanges

While we cannot accept returns on custom or altered products, we will be more than happy to work with you to make the product right.  Whether this means additional alterations or a complete re-make, we are committed to make sure you are happy with our work together.  The determination to re-make a garment, after determining the original is unfit for purpose, will be at the sole discretion of READ WALL management.  Re-made garments will be done at no cost to the customer but will require additional time.

For unaltered ready to wear products, we can accept returns up to 30 days from the purchase date.  Products must be unworn with tags and in re-sellable condition.

Turn Times

We estimate our custom shirts to take 3-4 weeks and suits 6-8 weeks to complete.  While we aim to get things done quicker, anyone who understands making clothes will know that sometimes delays occur without notice.  We work with some of the best factories in the world, most of which are right here in the U.S.A., and have a very high standard of quality.  Well-made clothes take a skill and expertise that we respect immensely, and we encourage patience through the manufacturing process.  Our goal is always to have things done right, and sometimes this may take a little time.

If alterations are needed for custom products, please assume an additional 1-2 weeks to complete (although these are normally done in a couple of days).

Policy On Suits, Sportcoats, and Tuxedos with Hard Deadlines: We know that weddings, events, and the associated planning can be quite stressful. In order to alleviate the deadline-related stress from our custom suiting process, we have created a rush system that will ensure you receive your READ WALL garment exactly when you need it. 

For suits, tuxedos, and sportcoats with a Hard Deadline, we have a tiered rush system: 
6-8 Weeks out from Wedding or Event: $150 rush charge
4-6 weeks out from Wedding or Event: $250 rush charge
Inside of 4 Weeks: Inquiries welcome, approvals granted on a case-by-case basis. 

These rush charges ensure that priority will be placed on your order and that we'll have enough time to complete any last-minute updates with time to spare.

PRO-Tip: Plan ahead. Shop for your Wedding Suit 3-4 months in advance. No rush charges, no worries. Its a win-win.